Double speed measuring, module encoder photoelectric, pulse output module

  1. Working voltage: 4.5V to 5.5 V
  2. Transmit tube pressure drop: Vf = 1.6 V
  3. Transmit tube current: 20 mA
  4. Distinguish precision: 0.01 mm
  5. Measurement frequency, 100 kHz
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This speed measuring sensor is a wide voltage, high resolution, short response time, and the switch output speed measurement module. It can test the motor’s rotational speed with a black encoder (measured spec. is related to the encoder, the inner diameter of D type encoder that provided is 4mm, can be used for motor output shaft w/ 4mm diameter, which is TT motor we matched, yellow shell and white axis)

Features :

  1. Signal output: A, B two way; The TTL level
  2. Disc diameter: 24mm
  3. Inner Disc Diameter: 4 mm
  4. The encoder resolution is about 20 line
  5. Speed measuring sensor configuration: The configuration can measure 1 road motor speed

Package Includes :

1 x Double Speed Measuring Module kit

1 x Screw set



Working Voltage

4.5V to 5.5 V

Transmit tube pressure drop

Vf = 1.6 V

Transmit tube current

20 mA

Distinguish precision

0.01 mm

Measurement frequency

100 kHz

Signal Output

A , B two way; The TTL level

Disc Diameter


Inner Disc Diameter

4 mm

Shipping Info


18.0000 g



#include "TimerOne.h"
unsigned int counter=0;

int b1a = 6;  // L9110 B-1A 
int b1b = 9;  // L9110 B-1B

void docount()  // counts from the speed sensor
  counter++;  // increase +1 the counter value

void timerIsr()
  Timer1.detachInterrupt();  //stop the timer
  Serial.print("Motor Speed: "); 
  int rotation = (counter / 20);  // divide by number of holes in Disc
  Serial.println(" Rotation per seconds"); 
  counter=0;  //  reset counter to zero
  Timer1.attachInterrupt( timerIsr );  //enable the timer

void setup() 
 pinMode(b1a, OUTPUT); 
 pinMode(b1b, OUTPUT); 
  Timer1.initialize(1000000); // set timer for 1sec
  attachInterrupt(0, docount, RISING);  // increase counter when speed sensor pin goes High
  Timer1.attachInterrupt( timerIsr ); // enable the timer

void loop()
  int potvalue = analogRead(1);  // Potentiometer connected to Pin A1
  int motorspeed = map(potvalue, 0, 680, 255, 0);
  analogWrite(b1a, motorspeed);  // set speed of motor (0-255)
  digitalWrite(b1b, 1);  // set rotation of motor to Clockwise



Wiring Diagram