GY-BMP280-3.3 Precision Altimeter Atmospheric Pressure BMP280 Sensor Module

  1. Comes with the BME280 sensor.
  2. Pressure accuracy of ±1 hPa.
  3. Temperature accuracy ±1.0°C.
  4. Altimeter accuracy ±1 meter.
  5. Humidity: +-3%


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GY-BME280-3.3 BME280 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Module is a Breakout Board featuring a Bosch Sensortec ME280 Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Sensor.

The board has selectable I2C address jumper (solder link GS2), I2C pull-up resistors, 7 pin header 2.54mm, and two mounting holes 3.5mm.
Default setting of the board; single power rail Vdd=Vdd_IO (solder link GS1), pull-ups resistors (R2, R3) 10k, protocol selector resistor 0ohm (R1), decoupling capacitors 0.1uF on both power supply pins Vdd & Vdd_IO.

If you connect board to both power rails VDD_IO 1.8V and VDD 3.3V be sure to remove the power rail jumper GS1!


  1. Package 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm x 0.93 mm metal lid LGA
  2. Digital interface I2C (up to 3.4 MHz) and SPI (3 and 4 wire, up to 10 MHz)
  3. Supply voltage VDD main supply voltage range: 1.71 V to 3.6 V
  4. VDDIO interface voltage range: 1.2 V to 3.6 V
  5. Current consumption 1.8 uA @ 1 Hz humidity and temperature
  6. 2.8 uA @ 1 Hz pressure and temperature
  7. 3.6 uA @ 1 Hz humidity, pressure and temperature
  8. 0.1 uA in sleep mode
  9. Operating range -40…+85 C, 0…100 % rel. humidity, 300…1100 hPa- Humidity sensor and pressure sensor can be independently enabled/disabled

Package Includes:

1 x GY-BME280-3.3 Precision Altimeter Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Module

1 x 6 pin Male Header







Power Supply


Peak Current


Air Pressure Range

300-1100hPa (equi. to +9000…-500m above sea level)

Temperature Range

-40 to +85 °C

Digital Interfaces

I2C (up to 3.4 MHz) SPI (3 and 4 wire , up to 10 MHz)

Shipping Info


0.8000 g


15.5 × 12 × 2.5 mm


Circuit diagram


#include <Wire.h>
#include <SPI.h>
#include <Adafruit_BMP280.h>

Adafruit_BMP280 bmp; 
Adafruit_Sensor *bmpTemp = bmp.getTemperatureSensor();
Adafruit_Sensor *bmpPressure = bmp.getPressureSensor();

void setup() {
  if (!bmp.begin()) {
    Serial.println(F("Problem with wiring"));
    while (1) delay(10);


void loop() {
  sensors_event_t tempEvent, pressureEvent;
  Serial.println(" *C");

  Serial.println(" hPa");