ESP32 Development Board CH9102X WiFi+Bluetooth

  1. Ultra-low-power management.
  2. 4 MB Flash.
  3. Current: 80 mA.
  4. Supply Voltage: 3.0 V ~ 3.6 V.
  5. Data Rate: 150 Mbps.
  6. Frequency: 2.4 GHz.
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ESP32 comes in the nodemcu structure we are familiar with, but it also offers bluetooth support.
Exciting for IOT applications, this ESP-WROOM-32 model has internal antenna, RF balun, power amplifier, low-noise amplifier, filters and power management unit.
It has 2.4 GHz dual-mode Wi-Fi and TSMC 40nm low power technology Bluetooth chips.


  • High price/performance ratio.
  • Suitable for embedded projects with its small dimensions
  • It is quite powerful with LWIP protocol support and Freertos.
  • Supports AP,STA and AP+STA modes
  • Lua program supports


  •     Download and install the Arduino IDE.
  •     Open, install according to the explanation in the installation part.
  •     Install the CP2102 driver for the serial communication chip.
  •     Install the product on your computer with a USB micro cable.
  •     Copy the test program below to the arduino IDE.
  •     Select ESP32 Dev Module from Tools/Boards
  •     Select the port where you plug the ESP32 into.
  •     Press the BOOT button on the ESP32. Upload it on the Arduino IDE. It takes about 15 seconds. It is recommended to keep the BOOT button pressed during this time.
  •     Open the serial terminal and select baud 9600 (normally 9600)
  •     It will type the word Hello every second.

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Two Low-Power Xtensa 32-bit LX6 Microprocessors

Operating voltage (v)

3.0V – 3.6V

Operating current (mA)


Clock Frequency (MHz)

80 ~ 240

Flash memory (MB)


Data Rate (Mbps)


SRAM Memory (KB)


Shipping Info


35.0000 g


28 × 45 × 14 mm