4PIN IR Infrared Flame Detection Sensor Module

  1. Output Channel: 1
  2. Power Supply: 3.3/5V
  3. Built in a potentiometer for sensitivity control.
  4. Onboard signal output indication, output effective signal is high, at the same time the indicator light up, the output signal can directly connect to microcontroller IO.
  5. Detection angle about 60 degrees, the flame spectrum especially sensitive.
  6. The flame of the most sensitive sensors flame, the regular light is also a response, generally used for fire alarm purposes.
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The Flame Sensor Module can detect flames in the 760 – 1100 nanometer wavelength range. Small flames like a lighter flame can be detected at roughly 0.8m. The detection angle is roughly 60 degrees and the sensor is particularly sensitive to the flame spectrum.

An on-board LM393 op-amp is used as a comparator to adjust the sensitivity level. The sensor has a digital and analog output and sensitivity can be adjusted via the blue potentiometer.

This Flame Sensor Module is used to detect fire/flame source or other light sources of the wavelength in the range of 760nm – 1100 nm. It is based on the YG1006 sensor which is a high speed and high sensitive NPN silicon phototransistor. Due to its black epoxy, the sensor is sensitive to infrared radiation.

The sensor can be a great addition in a firefighting robot, it can be used as a robot eyes to find the fire source. When the sensor detects flame the Signal LED will light up and the D0 pin goes LOW.

The module has 2 outputs: Analogue, which gives a real-time voltage output signal on thermal resistance, and digital which allows temperature thresholds to be set via a potentiometer.

Features :

  1. High Photo Sensitivity
  2. Fast Response Time
  3. Sensitivity adjustable
  4. Detects a flame or a light source of a wavelength in the range of 760nm-1100 nm.
  5. Detection range: up to 100 cm.
  6. Adjustable detection range.
  7. Detection angle about 60 degrees, it is sensitive to the flame spectrum.
  8. Comparator chip LM393 makes module readings stable.
  9. Operating voltage 3.3V-5V.
  10. Digital and Analog Output. 
  11. Power indicator and digital switch output indicator.

Package Includes :

1 x Flame Sensor Module



Output Channel


Operating Voltage (VDC)

3.3 ~ 5

Mounting Hole(mm)


Shipping Info


0.0000 g


32 × 14 × 3 mm

Arduino code

  IR Flame Sensor

int Flame = 2;  // Flame sensor connected to digital pin 2

void setup() {
  pinMode(Flame, INPUT);

void loop() {
  if (digitalRead(Flame) == LOW) {
    Serial.println("Flame Detected");


wiring diagram