Double speed measuring, module encoder photoelectric, pulse output module

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This speed measuring sensor is a wide voltage, high resolution, short response time, and the switch output speed measurement module. It can test the motor’s rotational speed with a black encoder (measured spec. is related to the encoder, the inner diameter of D type encoder that provided is 4mm, can be used for motor output shaft w/ 4mm diameter, which is TT motor we matched, yellow shell and white axis)

Features and Specification:

  1. Signal output: A, B two way; The TTL level
  2. Disc diameter: 24mm
  3. Inner Disc Diameter:: 4 mm
  4. The encoder resolution is about 20 line
  5. Speed measuring sensor configuration: The configuration can measure 1 road motor speed

Package Includes :

1 x Double Speed Measuring Module kit

1 x Screw set


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